Vineyard Races

2014 Route | Vineyard Ride

Long Route: 51km
Start Time:
Expected Winner Arrival: 09:15

Vineyard Races Long MTB Click on image

The long route is a challenging 51km of rugged climbs and sweeping downhill's, that leads riders to breathtaking views and through the scenic vineyards of Lourensford Wine Estate.
The route has varied surfaces that demand quick reflexes and savvy technical abilities. A little reminder to save some energy for the end, as the distance is not to be underestimated.


Short Route: 26km
Start Time: 07:30
Expected Winner Arrival: 08:45

Vineyard Races Short MTB Click on image

The shorter 26km route is ideal for both recreational and aspiring mountain bikers who want to test their skills on respectable climbs and flowing tracks, with vineyards, sky and far vistas over False Bay as the background to an ideal outdoor experience. The route is less technical than the long option, but you must know how to handle a bike to master a few rocky sections and some strenuous climbs!



2014 Route | Vineyard Run

Long Route:16km
Start Time:
Expected Winner Arrival: 09:00

Vineyard Races Long Run Click on Image

The 16km trail run, with the route being entirely off-road and featuring a few testing climbs, commands a stable core and steady pace from participants. The picturesque scenery will ease you into your stride, while a good pair of worn-in running shoes will see you safely to the finish line. 


Short Route:6km
Start Time: 08:10
Expected Winner Arrival: 08:40

Vineyard Races Short Run Click on image

The 6km fun run is designed to appeal to anyone that wants to set their own pace, take in the scenery and get an opportunity to meander through the lower levels of the Lourensford vineyards. The route will be relatively easy and suitable for all ages - that are willing and able.


NB: Please take note that the routes and start times are subject to change.